Victoria and Gavin have been excellent landlords for us during the year.

We have had no trouble at all throughout our tenancy in a very good house in

Hearsall Lane, Earsldon. Not only have they been most helpful and friendly,

but the whole experience was one of easy-going and hassle-free.

While Gavin helped us with setting up the house (as it was newly bought) such

as hands-on furniture building etc., Victoria made sure the house was up to

standards especially with regard to the garden. They are readily available

whenever we needed to contact them, and overall I think it would be difficult

to find landlords much nicer than they are!


Julian Chan, Warwick Uni Student, Tenant, Hearsall Lane, CV5

Victoria and Gavin have been very helpful and friendly right from the start.

We moved into a great quality house in Earlsdon that they had just bought,

and Gavin spent the first few Saturdays of our tenancy coming round to check

everything was OK with the house and sorting out things that were missing.

They are always available when we need to contact them and they take pride

in providing great accommodation. If you want honest, reliable landlords,

These are the guys for you!


                                         Emma Roscow, Warwick Uni Student, Tenant, Hearsall Lane, CV5


Attracted at first sight by white paint and brilliant interior finishing.

My stay was equally hitch free with very cooperative Landlords ready

to address your issues and promptly too. I wish I could stay a little

longer but my course work is soon over. Kudos


Ejemai Iwere, Warwick Uni Student (I Wish I could stay a little longer!)





Thank you for being such great landlords, you've made third year very easy for us. 


                           Francesca Rowell, Warwick Uni Student, Tenant, Westwood Road, CV5



Thoroughly enjoyed my year renting with Unique Student Homes,

Victoria and Gavin are great landlords- when our boiler broke in the

snowy weather they came and sorted it the very next day!


Hannah Webb, Warwick Uni Student, Tenant, Westwood Road, CV5